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Amherst Books
8 Main Street  Amherst, MA 01002  ·   413.256.1547  ·  800.503.5865  ·  books@amherstbooks.com
Local Authors

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In Valentine Surprise Corinne Demas teams up with illustrator R. W. Alley to tell the story of Lily who wants to make the perfect heart-shaped valentine for her Mommy.   She tries & tries & tries—with delightful results!   (2007)
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A new book by Corinne Demas is always an event!   In Yuck! Stuck In The Muck, Dog chases Duck into the swamp, setting off a very muddy chain of events.   Chuck tries to pull Dog out of the muck & also gets stuck.   One by one, each character gets stuck while trying to help another.   At last, a helicopter rescues them, & Duck flies back to build a nest on the still–stuck truck!   (2006)
Amherst college professor Lawrence Douglas has just published his first novel, The Catastrophist.   In it we follow the adventures of Holocaust studies professor Daniel Wellington as he clumsily, self-destructively, stumbles from one catastrophe of his own making to another.   With the academic sensitivity of Kingsley Amis in Lucky Jim to the sheer mad energy of Michael Frayn, the novel spirals faster & faster into Wellington's personal abyss.   The book is witty, well-written, filled with shrewd observations on contemporary cultural life, & besides, it's set in a town very much like Amherst with charachters I‘m sure I know.   I couldn‘t put it down.   (2006)
jacket cover
Laura Doyle, Professor of English at the University of Massachusetts, has a new book—Freedom’s Empire: Race & the Rise of the Novel in Atlantic Modernity, 1640–1940.   In her new study, she reveals the central, formative role of race in the development of a transnational, English–language literature over three centuries.   Identifying a recurring freedom plot organized around an Atlantic Ocean crossing, Doyle shows how this plot structures the texts of both African–Atlantic & Anglo-Atlantic writers & how it takes shape by way of submerged intertextual exchanges between the two traditions.   Event scheduled!
Emilie's Voice
Of Susanne Dunlap's first novel, Émilie's Voice, Clifton Noble wrote in the Springfield Republican , Émilie's angelic voice, is "discovered" by Lully's rival, composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier.  Down a cleverly conceived path of coincidence & connivance, she is swept into the excitement, intrigue & danger of the Versailles court in Dunlap's spell-binding & moving tale."
Pride of Carthage
Shutesbury resident David Anthony Durham's most recent novel, Pride of Carthage, has a vast cast of characters & nationalities, twists of fate, & tales of inspired leadership. It is a stunning achievement in historical fiction, one that will transport readers to a world of mesmerizing authenticity of character, event, & detail.   (2005; paper, 2006)

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