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Local Authors

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Jason Tandon, who lives in Hadley & teaches at Holyoke Community College, has a new collection of poetry—Wee Hour Martyrdom, of which Jay Parini said, ”There is a music in these poems that plays beautifully from poem to poem, as the language in subtle ways probes the underlying beauties of casual syntax.“ Tandon is also author of the recent chapbooks, Flight & Rumble Strip.   (2008)
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In his 15th volume of poetry, Ghost Soldiers, James Tate has given us an exciting new collection that offers nearly one hundred fresh & thought–provoking pieces that embody Tate’s trademark style & voice: his accessibility, his dark humor, & his exquisite sense of the absurd.   Tate, who teaches at the University of Massachusetts, is winner of the Pulitzer Prize & the National Book Award.   (2008)
Return to the City of Donkeys
James Tate is winner of the Pulitzer Prize & the National Book Award. In this, his 14th volume of poetry, Tate continues to amaze. As poet Charles Simic observed in The New York Review of Books, “With all his reliance on chance, Tate has a serious purpose. He's searching for a new way to write a lyric poem....To write a poem out of nothing at all is Tate's genius.   For him, the poem is something one did not know was there until it was written down. He succeeds in ways for which there are few precedents.”   (2004; paper, 2006)
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David Toomey has a new book—The New Time Travelers: A Journey to the Frontiers of Physics.   In his new book Toomey, who teaches at technical writing & nonfiction writing at the University of Massachusetts, explores the concept of time travel as it has made the transition from science fiction to the research literature of physics.   Many of the figures involved are familiar: H.G. Wells, Einstein, Stephen Hawking & Kip Thorne; others are names known mostly to physicists.   Because Toomey spends as much time on personalities as he does on the technical aspects of time travel, he is able to bring the topic fully to life.   It's a fantastic journey to the frontiers of physics.   (2007)
Elizabeth (Liza) Trahan has just published the second volume of her memoirs—Ten Dollars in My Pocket: The American Education of a Holocaust Survivor, A Memoir in Documents.   Trahan, born in Berlin, Germany in 1924, lived in Czechoslovakia from 1929 to 1939 & in Vienna until her departure for the United States in 1947—a time chronicled in her memoir Walking with Ghosts: A Jewish Childhood in Wartime Vienna.   With degrees in literature from Sarah Lawrence, Cornell, & Yale, she taught at the University of Massachusetts, the University of Pittsburgh, the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) (where she founded their now famous School of Translation & Interpretation), & at Amherst College until 1993.   (2006)

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